If you have made a return, the refund will be made within thirty working days from the date of delivery of the package to the courier.
When we receive your return in stock, it will be opened and verified and once accepted we will send you a confirmation email in which we will notify you that the refund is being processed.
In the case of returns for withdrawal, any initial shipping costs paid will not be refunded.

Did you pay with a gift card?
The sum will be refunded as a credit to be used for your next orders.

Did you pay by credit card?
In this case, the refund will be made on the same card. It may happen that the date of the refund, on your statement, coincides with that of the purchase.

Have you paid with Paypal?
You will receive the amount for the returned items on the same Paypal account.

Have you paid with AmazonPay?
You will receive the amount for the returned items on the account linked to the credit card associated with your Amazon account.

Have you paid for your order online at the checkout in one of our physical stores?

The refund will be made by assigning a credit for the amount of the return to be spent in the store.

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