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Offer and sale of products on our website ("lesacoutlet.it") are governed by these General Sales Conditions.
Products purchased on lesacoutlet.it are sold directly by Le SAC s.r.l.  Le SAC is enrolled on the Register of Companies of Milan under entry no. 1419794. Tax Code and VAT Reg. no. 10954380159. Le SAC is headquartered in Italy. at Via B. Davanzati. 28 - 20158 MILAN.
You can request any information from Le SAC through our support services.
Remember that you can always contact Le SAC at  clienti@le-sac.it.

1. Customer Support
1.1 You can request any information from our customer service:
- by e-mail: clienti@le-sac.it
- __by chat (use the 'Contact Us' function at the bottom right of your screen)
- by telephone at +39 023760399. available from Monday to Friday. from 09.30 am to 6.30 pm.

2. Our Business Policy
2.1 The Seller sells merchandise on lesacoutlet.it. and carries out its electronic commerce business exclusively to end users that qualify as "consumers”.
2.2 “Consumer” refers to any physical person active on lesacoutlet.it for purposes that are not related to his/her business. entrepreneurial or professional activity. if any. If you are not a "consumer”. we encourage you not to conduct commercial transactions on lesacoutlet.it.
2.3 In view of its business policy. the Seller reserves the right not to follow up orders received from individuals other than “consumers”. or. in any case. orders that are not consistent with its business policy.
2.4 These General Terms of Sale only govern offer. submission and acceptance of purchase orders for merchandise sold on lesacoutlet.it entered into between lesacoutlet.it users and the Seller.
2.5 The General Terms of Sale do not govern the provision of services or the sale of products by any person other than the Seller who may be on lesacoutlet.it via any links. banners or other hyperlinks. Before placing orders and purchasing goods and services from other than Seller. we advise you to verify the sales conditions of any third party. because the Seller is not responsible for the provision of services by any party other than the Seller. or the completion of electronic commerce transactions between lesacoutlet.it users and third parties.

3. How to purchase merchandise from Le SAC
3.1 If you want to buy one or more products, you can select them one at a time, adding them to your shopping cart. Once you've selected all the items you want to buy, you can close your cart and submit the order. At this point you will see a summary page of your selected products, their price and options (with the relative costs) of delivery. You will be asked to choose the preferred solution for delivery, shipping and payment method. Your order will be considered as your contractual purchase contract for Le SAC srl for the listed products, each considered individually. Upon receipt of your order, we will automatically send you a receipt for the order itself ("Order Confirmation"). The Order Confirmation does not constitute acceptance of your purchase proposal. By submitting the Order Confirmation, we only confirm that you have received the order and have submitted it to the process of checking the data and availability of the products you are requesting. The sales contract with Le SAC srl will only terminate when we send you a separate e-mail that will also contain the product shipment information ("Shipping Confirmation")
3.2 The order includes a reference to the General Sales Conditions. a summary of the basic features of each product ordered and the related price (including any applicable taxes or surcharges). as well as means of payment you may use to complete the purchase. delivery options. shipping and delivery fees. and information on how to cancel and return your order.
3.3 Your order will be stored in our database for the period of time required to process and complete the order. and. in any case. within the terms defined by the law. You can access your order through the “Order History” section.
3.4 Orders must be placed in Italian.
3.5 The Seller may not process purchase orders that do not provide sufficient solvency guarantees or that are incomplete or incorrect. or if the merchandise ordered is unavailable.
In these cases. you will be notified by email that the purchase cannot be completed and that the Seller could not process your order for the reasons provided.
If the merchandise advertised on lesacoutlet.it is no longer available or cannot be sold at the time you last access the site or when you submit your order. the Seller will notify you of merchandise unavailability as soon as possible and. in any case. within thirty (30) days from the day following your order submission to the Seller. In this case. the Seller will refund any amount you paid for the unavailable merchandise.
3.6 By submitting your order electronically. you unconditionally accept and undertake to comply with these General Sales Conditions. If you do not agree with any of the terms in the General Sales Terms. please do not submit your order for the purchase of merchandise advertised on lesacoutlet.it.

4. Merchandise Warranties and Prices
4.1 lesacoutlet.it exclusively sells outlet and well-known quality brand merchandise. These products are purchased directly by the Seller at carefully selected manufacturers and retailers.
4.2 The Seller does not sell used products or seconds or merchandise with low quality.
4.3 Each product sold on lesacoutlet.it includes a description of basic features.
4.4 Product prices may be subject to change. Make sure you have verified the final price prior to submitting your order.
4.5 In the event you wish to cancel your order. the Seller may refuse to accept returns that do not have the original tag or whose basic or quality features may have been altered. or that may have been damaged.
4.6 If, due to delays or other disadvantages, the price indicated on the site is less than the correct selling price of a product, we will contact you to determine if you also want to purchase the product at the correct price. Otherwise, your order will not be accepted


5. Product Shipping and Delivery
5.1 Access the Shipping Section to review specific shipping and delivery methods. To ensure the best possible service. please pay attention to the information in this section.

6. Privacy
6.1 Personal data acquired through this web site will be handled in accordance with principles of fairness. lawfulness. transparency and privacy protection. in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003.


7. Terms and conditions gift card LE SAC
7.1 LE SAC Gift cards are available in the following denominations: €25, €50, €75, €100 and €150
7.2 LE SAC Gift Cards can be used in LE SAC stores and online on lesacoutlet.it.
7.3 If your LE SAC Gift Card doesn't entirely cover your purchase, you can complete the purchase using the top-up method described in the payments section on www.lesacoutlet.it
7.4 Gift Cards are never refundable or replaceable if they are lost or stolen.
7.5 LE SAC Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Once it has expired, LE SAC Gift card may no longer be used to make purchases, nor will any unused credit be refunded.
7.6 If the LE SAC Gift Card is used to make an online purchase which is then cancelled and returned within the cancellation period/before it expires, the refund will be made by reactivating the Gift Card.
7.7 Gift Cards may not be purchased using other Gift Cards.
7.8 LE SAC declines any liability for LE SAC Gift Cards that are lost, stolen or misused after they have been activated.
7.9 If you have any further questions please contact our customer service team.


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